Three Budget-Busting Mistakes (many) Parents Make.
We'll Help you Avoid Them!
Assume Your Aid-Filing is Optimal.
Assume PLUS loans are Good Deals.
Assume Private Student Loans are OK.
Parent Loans for Undergraduates (PLUS) Start Small but Grow Unmanageable.

Is Paying 4 Points for a 7.21% Loan Wise?

PLUS Makes the Cost of College 45% Higher than Cash (Staffords make it 38% Higher). 

PLUS are Taken out by Semester so You'll End up With 8 (or 10).

The WRONG WAY to use PLUS (if they must be used) is PLUS-first, other loans second. Why?

We Can Show You Ways to Pay that Will Make College Far Less Expensive.
Does Your FAFSA DIS-qualify you for Aid
(Possibly Including Merit Aid)? 

Will You Expertly Compare Aid Awards?

Do You Know how to Max Your Award, Amend Your FAFSA or Appeal for More?

Why do Some Families with $200k+ Incomes Get Aid and Others do not?

Why Will Princeton's net Cost be LESS than Rutgers (and Penn < Penn State) for Most NJ & PA Families?

What if we Handled all of the FAFSA Stuff for you, FREE of Charge?
A Private Student Loan Requires You to Co-Sign. That Makes it YOUR Loan.

A Variable-Rate Loan. With No Caps. 

At a Time When Interest Rates are near All-time Lows.  Make Sense?!

Financing this Way can DOUBLE or TRIPLE the Cost of College.

The Private Loan Sales Pitch is That You'll Come off as Co-Signor and/or that Your Rate will Decrease. Not. Gonna. Happen.

We'll Analyze Your Better Alternatives - FREE of Charge and Save You Thousands.

$106,000 Principal
Get a Free Analysis of ALL of the Ways You Could Possibly PAY LESS FOR COLLEGE, Here.
Get a Free Analysis of ALL of the Ways You Could Possibly PAY LESS FOR COLLEGE, Here.
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