What does an "Age-Weighted" 529 Plan Do if Interest Rates Rise?
Interest Rates and Bond Prices Move INVERSELY.  If this were a stock, would you buy it?
How Much Risk is in YOUR Age-Weighted 529?

Our 30 years of award-winning investment advisory experience leads us to conclude that, with stock and bond prices near or at all-time highs, it is imprudent for parents to hold a 529 Plan with a time horizon of less than two years (and maybe that should be three or four).  In other words, if your child is a high school Junior or Senior, you should definitely move your principal NOW to a place where its value is insured and protected.  And if your child is a Freshman or Sophomore, you probably should do this, too.  We have such a principal-insured place!  Just Contact Us or complete the Questionnaire for a FREE Report.

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