Is YOUR Age-Weighted 529 at Risk of Failing You?

Below are some examples of 529 Plan Age-Weighted portfolios that do little more than shift the Principal Risk from stocks to bonds as you get closer to needing the money.  There's a better way - why hasn't your broker shared it with you?  And if your broker has not shared that your 529 principal is at risk, or that your 529 Plan balance can hurt your chances for need-based financial aid, or that withdrawals for education expenses are NOT always tax-free, shouldn't you talk to college planning experts - like us - instead?
What does an "Age-Weighted" 529 Plan Do if Interest Rates Rise?
And is This What You Thought Might Happen Just Before College Payment is Due?
What Does This Mean for You?

It means that Bonds might be even riskier right now than Stocks.  So how is your 529 Plan balance "safer" if it depends on bond prices to go past even their record highs?

Maybe a BETTER idea is to get out of a 529 Plan whose principal is potentially 100% at risk as the time to withdraw funds for college nears.  What if instead of risking all of your child's 529 principal, there were a way to insure and protect it?  There is: Contact us to learn how to do it.  More about bond values is here.
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