What if 529s are Over-Hyped by Wall Street?
And Why Few High School Juniors or Seniors Should Still Own One:
There are better, safer alternatives to a 529 Plan for ongoing contributions over longer (10-18 year) time horizons.  Why don't brokers and the 529 Plan industry discuss them?

We already do know that, at the very least, some - if not all - 529 Plans are far from the best way to save for college.  How do we know?  We've got annual reports and we have a calculator.  For a sample of one 529 Plan's fund performance, net of fees, click here.
529 Plans and High School Children
529 Plans and Primary School Children
Are there any Negatives to Owning a 529 Plan OTHER than the fact that it may lose a lot of its value, right before your child's tuition is due?  Unfortunately, yes.

(1) 529 Plan balances may reduce need-based aid (and probably merit-based aid as well).
(2) 529 Plan withdrawals are NOT necessarily tax-free, even if used for Qualified Higher Education Expenses.
(3) 529 Plan investments involve several types of risk
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