About Education Funding Solutions, Inc.
  The Firm
We are fortunate to have a committed home-office staff and several like-minded college planning specialists across the country.  Our principals have a combined 50+ years of college planning, college funding, student lending and investment advisory experience.  By now, we've pretty much seen it all!
Who advocates for YOU, the College Consumer?  Who finds the (free) money?  Who puts the college financial puzzle pieces together?  We do.

We are at out core, a college consumer advocacy firm, ensuring that you do not fall victim to college industry traps that result in paying more for college than is necessary.
Are you Experienced? Is work Guaranteed?
Are you a student loan firm?
How much do Your Services cost?
Wasn't "Financial Aid Night" enough?
My 529 Keeps Going Down - any Alternatives?
Will you save MY family money?
Should my HS Junior have a 529 Plan?
I don't Qualify for Aid - HELP!
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  The Mission
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