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Who advocates for YOU, the College Consumer?  Who finds the (free) money?  Who puts the college financial puzzle pieces together?  We do.

We are at out core, a college consumer advocacy firm, ensuring that you do not fall victim to college industry traps that result in paying more for than necessary.
Are you Experienced? Is work Guaranteed?
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My 529 Keeps Going Down - any Alternatives?
Will you save MY family money?
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I don't Qualify for Aid - HELP!
Ironically, despite the economic woes America faces right now, there has never been a better time to apply to an expensive, private college.  Check that - the RIGHT expensive private college.  And there is no better firm to assist you in paying less for a great college education than Education Funding Solutions. 

Our Managing Director has 29 years of experience as an financial/investment advisor and has won numerous awards for his performance.  One of the firm's Directors was a founder of two student loan companies; another has practiced college planning for over 15 years and a fourth is a CPA who has focused extensively on finding "tax scholarships" for EFS' small business clients.

Sixty three percent of Education Funding Solutions' client families have income and assets that completely disqualify them for need-based financial aid.  So why do they engage us for college financial planning?

Because we make sure they are sending their child to the Right College at the Right Price.  Simply put, Education Funding Solutions analyzes the innumerable variables that go into the cost-of-college equation (far beyond answering FAFSA questions) and presents our client families with a number of great college financial choices, customized for their child.  We routinely save families $50,000 or more on the cost of financing one of their children's education.  And we guarantee our work.   
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