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If families make a college selection, financial aid or college financing mistake, they may be stuck paying $50,000, $100,000 - even $200,000 MORE - for college than they had to.  And there is no refund for college money spent (or, continuing the car metaphor, no "resale value").  Education Funding Solutions ensures that this does not happen.  And at a price point lower than car buying services!  We are here to help you pay as little as possible for college.
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We craft college financial plans devoid of the emotional attachment parents (understandably) have about sending their children to college; the same emotional attachment many colleges take advantage of in their pricing and financial aid models.  We know the statistics as to who graduates when; we know who gives the most financial aid; we know who gives the most free money (gift-aid); and we know which colleges are educational values and which are educational rip-offs.  And there are far more college rip-offs than you can imagine.

Candidly, buying a college education is not entirely unlike buying a new car.  If a family has its hearts set on a particular car, in a particular dealership, in a particular color, they are going to pay more for it than if they were flexible on any of those parameters.  Car buying services can help consumers avoid car-buying mistakes and may very well be worth the $700 - $1,500 they charge.  If parents elect not to use such services, they may be stuck with a $30,000 car they do not like but that they can sell for $15,000 later on.
We are fortunate to have a committed home-office staff and several like-minded college planning specialists across the country.  Our principals have a combined 50+ years of college planning, college funding, student lending and investment advisory experience.  By now, we've pretty much seen it all!
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