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Save Early for College!

Perhaps not the freshest advice you've ever gotten.  This may be:  529 Plans may not be the right way to save for college.  Assuming the rules that are in place now remain
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in place, 529 Plan withdrawals for private college can have a negative affect on financial aid.  "Wait, my 529 Salesperson told me the withdrawals are tax-free."  Well, not exactly.  If you receive financial aid, they likely are not completely tax-free.  Worse, some colleges treat withdrawals as "student income" and reduce aid by 50% of the withdrawal.  You may be wondering, "Why are we using a jack-of-all-trades-investment-salesperson to guide us on complex college financial planning matters?"  What a coincidence - we're wondering that, too!  (And talking to us IS free.)
Here's a thought: Paying down your mortgage increases your wealth.  Using accumulated home equity as a future loan source is the best way to borrow for college.  And saving 5% or 6% (or whatever your mortgage rate is) is the SAME THING as earning 5% or 6%.  And it's guaranteed.  Another thought: Are you protecting your family?  To learn more specific planning tips and how they'll help your family, Contact Us.
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