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Shoot for a PRIVATE college education for your children.  Private colleges generally offer a bit more personal attention than public colleges and private college four- 

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year graduation rates are generally much higher. 

For instance, you may be surprised to learn that of the 263 four-year colleges in America that have 10,000 students or more, only 24 graduate 80% of their students.  In SIX (not four) years!  Of 4-year colleges with over 25,000 students, only ONE graduates 70% or more in four years but 15 graduate only 10% or fewer students in four years.

One way to minimize the potential problem of low graduation rates is for the student to have narrowed her focus to the best-fit career, the best-fit college major and the best-fit college.  Talk to us.  We can help.

You may also click the images below for more information about our academic and career Help Centers.  While we offer a robust suite of online college planning tools online, we do not offer in-person coaching or tutoring at our offices.  We can refer you to one of our associates that handles in-person coaching, tutoring and prep - at specially discounted rates - if you contact us.
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