"Houston, we've had [another] problem..."
The College May Look at Money BEFORE It Awards Merit.
Would You Like to Know Which Colleges will Award Your Child $20,000?  Or Just the Ones that will Award $5,000?

PRESERVE FINANCIAL AID.  What comes first, "admission" or "financial aid?"  If you're like 99% of respondents, you answered "admission" since, how can a college offer financial aid to someone it has not admitted?  Good thinking, logical.  And often, Wrong.  Remember, this is not a logic-based process; this is a money-based process. 

How do we know?  The charts below were obtained from the Enrollment Management firm paid for by a private college in Oregon.  Enrollment management firms help colleges get the students the Trustees and faculty want on-campus, AT THE LEAST COST.  So when your high school had the nice Financial Aid Officer in for "Financial Aid Night," just remember - saving parents money has NOTHING to do with a Financial Aid Officer's job

This particular college's enrollment managers use the flow-chart below to demonstrate how they help the colleges get the students for the least cost.  By the way, almost ALL colleges use enrollment managers.  Because college is big business.  And we can help you navigate to the ones that will award your student the most money (thereby reducing your cost). 

Good Rule of Thumb: NEVER Show a College Your Money.  Read More about this Critical Component to Saving on College.

"Quality/Need Grid" is at right.
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