suit.  (Well, at least with us it isn't.)  We'll take a look at your coverage and check for a few things:  Is it current; is it enough; and is it building cash (i.e. increasing your net worth) as well as it can?  If your coverage is lacking in any way, we'll suggest an alternative.  Simple as that.  No hard-sell.  Ever.  
Protect Them.
Protecting what matters most is important for us all at every stage of our lives, whether it is your family, yourself or your future.  As you progress through life, your financial and insurance needs change. Our holistic approach is centered on creating a long-term and multi-generational relationship with you. Together we will evaluate your financial goals and help you secure your future.

Saving for, or paying for, college is a laudable and critical goal but protecting what you already have - and what your family already has - is a foundational necessity, a Step One.  A life insurance review is is no longer sitting at your kitchen table, getting the "hard-sell" from someone in a bad 
Make the investment in your family's protection: Buy life insurance, be it term or permanent and be it from us or from a different trusted advisor.  Why are we passionate about this?  Contact us and we'll tell you about our 50 year-old client who died, leaving behind 4 pre-college and 2 in-college children.  And - wisely & fortunately for his family - a $2 Million benefit payment from a top insurance company. 
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