If you answered, "B" - congratulations!  Everyone knows that having $95,000 for college is much better than having $78,000.  Well, almost everyone.  What group is unfortunately (for parents) in the dark about this?  Your stockbroker/financial advisor/Wall Street product salesperson.

Are stockbrokers so dumb that they cannot do simple math?  Of course not.  But many ARE ignorant of the college financial aid formulas, which is why they should have nothing to do with college financial planning (or should let us teach them).  We did not pick these numbers at random: These are from a client family whose 529 salesperson did not tell them - because she did not know - that the family's $78,000 529 Plan was going to cost them almost $17,000 in lost financial aid.  Most 529 Plan salespeople are product-pushers, not college financial planning experts.  Read more about this actual case.  And contact us right away - we ARE college financial planning experts!
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