Our Solution: Instead of borrowing at either high rates (7.9% plus 2 1/2 points) for PLUS - Parent Loans for Undergraduate Students - or worse, via variable rate Private student/parents loans, we showed the family how to use the equity in their home and then rapidly repay (hence the Porsche photo!) the balance to minimize interest costs, using the proprietary (free) edCelerator software we helped invent.  The edCelerator is tracking software that helps parents accelerate the repayment of loans for education.

By showing parents ALL of their borrowing options, we help them make informed, smart decisions.  Please see the before and after results below to see how we saved the family nearly $60,000 on finance costs over PLUS loans (and $125,000 over Private loans!).  A bad decision now on financing can cost $50,000+ later!  But we are here to help.

How were we able to devise this game-changing strategy?  Simple; the family completed the Questionnaire, relaxed for a few days and then we talked about our solution.
Sample College Financial Planning Solutions
What if We SHRUNK Your Family's College Loan Costs?

Actual Case:  This aid-ineligible family's net cost of college (Mitchell College in CT) is projected - we cannot know by how much the college will inflate costs - to be approximately $110,000.  They wished to limit their daughter's Stafford student loans to a $20,000 maximum.  Their monthly "college budget" is $1,000 which takes several payment options (Cash, College Ten-Pay and 401-k loans) off the table since the monthly payments are too high, illustrated below.

BEFORE                                                                                                     AFTER
These comparisons show that, for this family, using the equity in their home and then "edCelerating" its repayment is far better and cheaper than their
other finance options.  There is something else instructive here and it regards the CHESLA (CT state loan option).  Many states have quasi-governmental loan organizations with charitable sounding names and these entities offer loans like MEFA (Massachusetts), NJCLASS (New Jersey) and others.  In almost ALL cases, the lower-interest rate state-loan is MORE expensive than the federal PLUS loan.  These loans are seductive to parents because the interest RATE is lower and because parents never read the loan documents.  We do.  And we analyze (for FREE) the results.  In this case, the CHESLA rate is 5.95%, clearly better than PLUS' 7.90% but the CHESLA costs $11,000 MORE.  We can help you make good choices - contact us!
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We Saved this Family nearly $60,000 on the Cost to Finance College.
(For ONE Child, by the way.)
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