Avoid Private Student Loans!
So Bad that a 27-Minute Documentary was Made About Them:
"Default" is an independent production concerning the ills and evils (perceived and/or real) of the private student loan industry and the impact these ills have had on students and their families.  This is a five-minute trailer from the 27 minute movie.  More information, including movie screenings around the country, can be found here.  We do not endorse the movie or its content but provide this trailer and link as another cautionary tale about the perils of financing college via private student loans. 

Borrowers should analyze all of their options, read the fine print of every contract and work with professional college planners to maximize their chance at properly financing college.  Borrowers should NOT default on loans they freely signed, just because the terms of the loans (that the borrower may have failed to read) have gone against the borrower.  We offer solutions to parents of students who find themselves in debt to the tune of three or four times the cost of college.  Contact us for help.
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